Departmental Bulletin Paper Effect of Chronic Organophosphate Poisoning on Attention Deficit and Memory Impairment

Halim, Irene Andriani  ,  Erni,  ,  Gumay, Ainun Rahmasari  ,  Bakri, Saekhol  ,  Maharani, Nani  ,  Muniroh, Muflihatul  ,  Bakhtiar, Yuriz  ,  Hardian,

67pp.127 - 132 , 2018-05 , Hiroshima University Medical Press
Introduction: Organophosphate pesticide poisoning is a common health problem in Indonesia. By inhibiting acetylcholinesterase mechanism, chronic organophosphate poisoning may lead some cognitive consequences included attention deficit and memory impairment. This study investigates the effect of chronic organophosphate exposure in attention deficit and memory impairment. Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted in 2 different groups, each consisting of 33 male farmers in Banjarnegara, aged 18-59 years old who are occupationally exposed to organophosphate pesticide for at least 2 years. First group was carried on memory examination using memory impairment screen (MIS) instrument while in second group, attention examination was measured by attention network test (ANT). Vein blood samples analyzed semiquantitatively using Tintometer to know the level of blood acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity. Data were analyzed using Chi square and Spearman. Result: In the first group, 15 (45.5%) samples were found mildly poisioned, while 18 (54.5%) samples were found normal. Among 33 samples, 11 (33.3%) samples have memory impairment. Overall, memory impairment prevalence was higher in sample with mild poisoning, with prevalence ratio of 1,78 (p=0.026). In second group, 54.5% (n=18) farmers were found mildly poisioned while 45.5% (n=15) others had normal AChE activity. Lower AChE activity were significantly correlated with poorer performance in total attention score (r = -0.539; p< 0.00), especially alerting (r= -0.653; p< 0.00) and orienting function (r = -0.632; p< 0.00). Conclusion. Chronic organophosphate poisioning seems to have deleterious effects on memory and attention.

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