Departmental Bulletin Paper Muntingia calabura Leaves Extract, a Potential Gastroprotective Agent against Gastric Mucosal Damage Induced by Soft Drink and Alcoholic Beverages

Nadliroh, Ummi Chamidatun  ,  Banurusman, Dimas  ,  Istiadi, Hermawan  ,  Utomo, Astika Widy

67pp.49 - 55 , 2018-05 , Hiroshima University Medical Press
Introduction. Exposures of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks have been notorious for their deleterious effect on gastric mucosal cell, causing disturbances on gastric mucosa. The high content of antioxidant in Muntingia calabura leaves have potentials to counteract the degeneration of gastric mucosal cells due to exposure of both drinks. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of flavonoids in Muntingia calabura ethanolic leaves extract (MCELE) as gastroprotective agents against the alcoholic beverages and soft drinks induced gastric mucosal damage. Method. Twenty four male wistar rats were divided into four groups respectively treated with 1,8 ml/200grBW 40%-alcoholic beverages (K1), 50 ml/day soft drink (K2), pre-treated with 500 mg/kg MCELE one hour before oral administration of 40%- alcoholic drinks (P1) and soft drink (P2). All rats were treated for 30 days. On the 31st day, the rats were teminated and the histological degrees of gastric mucosal damage were determined by modified scale of epithelial mucosa integrity Barthel-Manja. Results. The K1 and K2 group exhibited severe gastric mucosal injury, with observed ulceration percentages of 33,3% and 23,3% respectively. Meanwhile, the pre-treated MCELE groups (P1 and P2) exhibited significant protection of gastric mucosa histologically (p<0.001), showing 0,0% of ulceration on both groups. Conclusion. Soft drinks have degenerating effect as strong as the alcoholic beverages. The treatment with MCELE prior to 40%-alcoholic beverages and soft drinks has significantly protected gastric mucosa as ascertained by significant reduction of gastric mucosal injury and increase in normal gastric mucosa.

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