Departmental Bulletin Paper Googleマイマップを利用した植物図鑑の作成
Development of a Field Guide for Identification of Plant Species by using of the "Google My Map"

竹下, 俊治  ,  石原, 悠作  ,  今村, 亮介  ,  藩, 祐佳  ,  堀田, 晃毅

24pp.61 - 65 , 2018-03-22 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科附属教育実践総合センター
In the present study, a field guide for identification of plant species was developed. It was built by the “My Maps” of the function in the “Google Map”. This online “Map” showed the habitat point, the plant name and photos of each species. Students were able to use it by the smart phones and the tablet devices as well as PC machines. They were able to confirm their position by GPS in their mobile devices, and also find plants to observe. Moreover, they were easily able to identify the species name by this "Map".A questionnaire survey was conducted for the purpose of improvement of the “Map” to students. As the result, it was suggested that this "Map" enhanced students' interest in outdoor observation, and was effective when students actually go out to the field and observe the plants. On the other hand, it turned out that this "Map" was not easy to use for the beginners of the mobile equipment. It is necessary to improve usability.

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