Departmental Bulletin Paper 個別学習支援ケースレポートの見本作成とその効果
Creating and evaluating the sample of case report on individual learning support

小澤, 郁美  ,  柏原, 志保  ,  岡, 直樹

24pp.3 - 10 , 2018-03-22 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科附属教育実践総合センター
In this study, we created the sample of case report for individual learning support, and examined its effect. We explained the format of the case report and how to form it. Also, we made comments on the content of the case report. As a result of the questionnaire conducted for the students who had used the sample and wrote the case report, most of them answered that the it had been helpful and useful. The students who had used it gained higher evaluation both in content and format than who didn’t use it. Specific comments on the contents and how to format the case report seemed to be useful.

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