Departmental Bulletin Paper 母親が「先生」であることによる母子関係への影響 : 小中学校教員の子どもに着目して
Impact on mother-child relationships on the female children of mothers working as teachers: a study of the children of elementary and junior high school teachers

内田, 早香  ,  岡本, 祐子

(17)  , pp.1 - 14 , 2018-03-31 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科心理学講座
The increasingly busy workloads of teachers have been identified as posing particular difficulties in the compatibility between teaching and child rearing. Teaching while child-rearing is considered to be particularly difficult for female teachers. Although it is not solely a mother’s responsibility to balance the roles of teacher and parent, children may be affected by a parent’s heavy teaching workload. The current study examined the influence of the mother’s teaching job on their children. We conducted a qualitative analysis of children’s occupation-related experience, particularly among female children, who are considered to be most strongly affected by their mothers. The results revealed that female children whose mothers were teachers reported various occupation-related influences on their recognition as individuals (e.g., my mother cannot fulfill her mother role because of her teaching job), recognition in the mother-child relationship (e.g., teacher-like mothers), and social recognition (e.g., experiences of being treated differently because they were the child of a teacher).

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