Departmental Bulletin Paper 尾島菊子「蚊ばしら」翻刻・紹介 : 『湾愛国婦人』掲載小説
Reprint and introduction of Kikuko Ojima’s Mosquito Swarm: A serial novel from Taiwanese Patriotic Women

下岡, 友加

77pp.47 - 65 , 2017-12-25 , 広島大学大学院文学研究科
This paper reprints the text from the novel Mosquito Swarm (1913) by Kikuko Ojima (1879-1956), and introduces its content and features. The publication in which Mosquito Swarm appeared, Taiwanese Patriotic Women, was published during the Japanese imperial rule in Taiwan, and is rarely found today. A complete set of issues has yet to be discovered. Thus, the contributions made by Kikuko Ojima have never been properly ascertained. This paper reveals that Ojima contributed at least 16 volumes of works to this magazine. The heroines of Ojima’s novels often rebel against traditional familial systems. However, Mosquito Swarm establishes a heroine with completely opposite values, and is considered a literary work that illustrates the breadth in Ojima’s writing.

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