Departmental Bulletin Paper 成島信遍年譜稿(十七)
A Chronological Record of Narushima Nobuyuki’s Career (17)

久保田, 啓一

77pp.17 - 32 , 2017-12-25 , 広島大学大学院文学研究科
I wrote in serial form about Narushima Nobuyuki’s career spanning 1689 to 1741. This paper deals with articles presented to him at the end of 1741, and in 1742 and 1743. In the winter of 1741, he wrote Kobaien Zoku Bokuhu Jo. This shows us that Kobaien, a merchant of Chinese ink in Nara, dealt well with Nobuyuki as a good customer. In June of 1742, Zeigan Sensei Bunsyu, the collected poems of Yanada Zeigan, was published. This collection includes three poems that show the friendship between Nobuyuki and Zeigan. On August 29th, the first anniversary of Reizei Tamehisa’s death, Nobuyuki composed tanka poems on the subject of the Moon. In spring of 1743, Nobuyuki talked with Kanou Hisamichi, a top government official of the Tokugawa Shogunate and advised him to continuously use the Chinese ink of Kobaien. In those days, Nobuyuki talked about relief activities following a deluge with Okunuki Yuzan. At about the same time, Nobuyuki wrote a work titled Inuzakura. On August 29th, the third anniversary of Reizei Tamehisa’s death, Nobuyuki again composed tanka poems. On October 17th, Kawano Michiyasu died. Nobuyuki wrote an epitaph titled Kawano Shi Boketsu at the request of Mitsui Shinna and offered his condolences. As usual, Nobuyuki served as mediator between dignitaries around Tokugawa Yoshimune and the librarians of Momijiyama Library.

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