Departmental Bulletin Paper 構造転換期の中国における省間流動人口の増加と空間特性
Changing spatial pattern of interprovincial migration in China

陳, 林

77pp.77 - 95 , 2017-12-25 , 広島大学大学院文学研究科
It is well known that migration is strongly related to regional economic development. Therefore, with the transition of the industrial structure of China, it is becoming an essential issue to clarify the redistribution of temporary population in the new era. Using interprovincial migration data from China’s 2000 and 2010 population censuses, this paper aims to investigate how the transformation of industrial structure affects the spatial distribution of interprovincial migration of China in the 2000s. Through the analysis of the population censuses, it is evident that there is a great increase of interprovincial migration of China since the 2000s. To understand the changes in the spatial pattern of migration, I divided the provinces of China into core and peripheral regions. The results clearly show that the majority of inflow interprovincial migration is concentrated mainly in the core regions. With the continuous increase of interprovincial migration, the inflow migrants of the core regions are consequently changed from the neighboring peripheral regions in 2000 to the majority of the peripheral regions in 2010. At the same time, the outflow migrants of peripheral regions are also shifting their destinations from the southern coastal provinces to the eastern southern provinces within the core regions. However, in the core regions, there are also some provinces that have a large number of outflow migrants because of large regional economic gaps that exist within the same provinces. Moreover, it is also very interesting to find that provinces close to border areas and provinces that are achieving economic development with the growth of provincial cities in the peripheral regions are starting to attract inflow migrants from neighboring provinces. The latter phenomenon in particular is a new trend occurring in the spatial pattern of temporary migration from the 2000s that calls for further attention.
本研究は、文部科学省博士課程教育リーディングプログラム広島大学「たおやかで平和な共生社会創生プログラム」及びJSPS 科研費16K16956の助成を受けたものである。

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