Departmental Bulletin Paper RaspberryPi を用いたWebクリッカーの開発
Developing Web Clicker System to Support Classes Using Raspberry Pi

吉冨, 健一  ,  朝倉, 一晃  ,  妹尾, 息吹

Recently, demand for clicker is increasing for the purpose of obtaining feedback in real time during class, and many products are sold for the improvement of class. In case of purchase of these existing products, there are many disadvantages such as the license fee is expensive or application versions are limited and so on. In this study, we developed a “Web Clicker System” to support classes using Raspberry Pi 3. The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost singleboard computer that uses MicroSD cards as storage instead of expensive HDD or SSD. By using this web clicker, the cost of introduction can be reduced by using the iPad or tablet PC that already introduced at school. In addition, it is possible to gather information other than choice, such as free description by text and photographs.

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