Journal Article Shortfin scad, Decapterus macrosoma, a new host record for Ceratothoa carinata (Isopoda: Cymothoidae)

Nagasawa, Kazuya  ,  Harada, Shigeo

19pp.153 - 155 , 2017-09-20 , 日本生物地理学会
Specimens of Ceratothoa carinata (Bianconi, 1869) were collected from the buccal cavity of shortfin scad, Decapterus macrosoma Bleeker, 1851, commercially caught in the Kii Channel and adjacent waters, western North Pacific, off Wakayama Prefecture, central Japan. These are a new host record for C. carinata. The posterior margin of the pleotelson of ovigerous females of C. carinata was concave, whereas that of an immature female was nearly straight.

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