Journal Article New record of Lernaeenicus ramosus (Copepoda: Pennellidae) parasitic on Epinephelus akaara (Perciformes: Serranidae) from the Amakusa-nada Sea, western Japan

Nitta, Masato  ,  Hotta, Taku  ,  Nagasawa, Kazuya

19pp.80 - 84 , 2017-09-20 , 日本生物地理学会
One adult female of the mesoparasitic copepod Lernaeenicus ramosus is reported from a Hong Kong grouper Epinephelus akaara in the Amakusa-nada Sea off Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyūshū, western Japan, which represents a new locality record for the copepod. In Japanese waters, the copepod was previously collected mainly from summer to winter, and this is the second case of spring (April) collection. Based on the phylogenetic analysis based on CO1 sequences of pennellids, L. ramosus is related to L. sprattae, and the clade including these two species and some other pennellids forms a different clade from that consisting of L. hemirhamphi.

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