Departmental Bulletin Paper 演奏者の経験に基づく"あがり"現象の探求 : 大学生を対象とした計量テキスト分析
Phenomenon of Stage Fright Based on Experience of Music Performers: Quantitative Text Analysis of Music Major Students

平山, 裕基

(28)  , pp.93 - 99 , 2016-03-22 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科音楽文化教育学講座
The purpose of this study was to explore the phenomenon of stage fright based on experience of music performers. The investigation of 62 music major students (15 males, 47 females) was conducted. The average age of subjects was 21.4 years old (SD=2.78), and they had the playing experience of 12.4 years (SD=5.42) on average in their major instrument. The question consisted of the following two items: (1) “the tendency to stage fright” in music performance on real stage, (2) “the factor of anxiety to stage fright” in music performance on real stage. The results showed that most students recognized the stage fright on real stage. In this study, the text data collected from these students were analyzed with “KH Coder”, which allows processing of the data, calculation of word frequency, extraction of colloquial expressions, and visualization of the data. A quantitative text analysis is called text mining. Text mining method was used to analyze the data for this research. It is a way to discover knowledge from text data. The results by morphological analysis and co-occurrence network analysis revealed two characteristics. The first point was that a lot of the music performers are concentrated awareness to sophisticated physical movement of directly related in the performance. The second was that is suggested a possible closely related to the three groups of the psychological, physiological, and behavioral surface. Others, it was found that the feature differs depending on the difference of the instrument. This study will be an effective approach for improving the performance on real stage.

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