Departmental Bulletin Paper 網袋の提げ方のジェンダー : パプアニューギニア・アベラム社会における網袋の象徴世界
Gender expression as shown in the wearing of string bags: The symbolic world of string bags in the Abelam, Papua New Guinea

新本, 万里子

(18)  , pp.89 - 112 , 2017-03-31 , アジア社会文化研究会
The use of string bags is widespread throughout the inland districts of the island of New Guinea for carrying crops and children. Traditionally, there were gendered differences in the way string bags were worn, with men wearing them slung from the shoulder and women using cords across their foreheads to drape the bags down their backs throughout Papua New Guinea. However, women have recently begun wearing small string bags in the same manner as men. At the time the style of wearing the bags began to change, in the Abelam society of East Sepik Province, women were criticized that "women should not carry bags on their shoulders." by men. It is thought that women's practice of carrying a bag on their shoulders had become commonplace by the 1980s. Using the case study of the Abelam, this paper aims to analyze what the differences in the way of wearing string bags symbolized with regard to gender relations between men and women. Then, I also explore why women were criticized for this change in carrying style at the time it took place.
本稿は、広島大学大学院社会科学研究科に提出し、平成23年3月に受理された博士論文「パプアニューギニア・アベラム社会のジェンダーと親族関係の動態に関する民族誌的研究」の第2章「網袋からみる社会関係」を改稿したものである。なお、網袋の材料となった植物については、科学研究費補助金2624405316基盤研究(A)「アジア地域における布工芸品の生産・流通・消費をめぐる文化人類学的研究」(代表 岡山大学・中谷文美教授)による研究費によって、同定のため追加調査を行った。

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