Departmental Bulletin Paper 中華民国の台湾化にみる金門の位置づけに関する一考察
A Study of Jinmen Identity under Taiwanization of R.O.C

上水流, 久彦

(18)  , pp.65 - 88 , 2017-03-31 , アジア社会文化研究会
The purpose of this paper is to clarify anew the position of Jinmen in Taiwanese society, and to clarify the topic of research into Jinmen henceforth. Currently, in colonialism research on Taiwan, it is maintained that Taiwan experienced double colonial rule or, as a place where foreign powers carried out the process of decolonialization, has different issues than the former colonies of Africa and Southeast Asia. In Taiwan R.O.C., Jinmen however, while having experienced Japanese invasion during the war, did not experience colonial rule like the main island of Taiwan, and therefore is a place which does not have the cognizance of going through a change of ownership through decolonization. In Taiwan R.O.C., which as a country experienced double colonial rule it is a special region having nothing to do with colonial rule. Furthermore, in recent years as the Taiwanization of Taiwan has continued, recognition that the Republic of China=Taiwan has continued to grow in society. This, as the national body of the Republic of China, is different from the recognition in China as a whole, and the question of what Jinmen's position is in the 'Republic of China=Taiwan' paradigm has become a very important issue. This in itself, in examining Jinmen's social context in Taiwan, taking into account the 2 views of the gaze from Taiwan and also Jinmen's self- cognizance, is an important issue in examining the future of Taiwan R.O.C. This paper, through interviews with Jinmen residents, Jinmen residents on the main island of Taiwan, Taiwanese residents of the main island of Taiwan, and also independence activists and supporters of unification, as well as comparison of the cultural property of Jinmen and the main island of Taiwan, makes clear the view from the main island of Taiwan and the self-recognition of the people of Jinmen and reveals the gap between the two. The issues of Jinmen in Taiwanese society which become apparent from this investigation are, 1. The inconsistency of the political importance of Jinmen in the Taiwanization of the Republic of China, 2. The generational divide in the identity of Jinmen, and 3. The dilution of Jinmen in historical recognition in Taiwan.

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