Departmental Bulletin Paper 香港の孟蘭勝会の現状と餓鬼供養
The present condition of Hong Kong's Yu Lan Festival, and Shi Egui (Festival of the Hungry Ghosts)

荒見, 泰史

(18)  , pp.1 - 33 , 2017-03-31 , アジア社会文化研究会
The ritual of the Yu Lan Festival, whereby clothing and food are given to ghosts and thanksgiving is shown for the protection of the gods and Buddha, is conducted in various regions and districts of Hong Kong every year in July in the Lunar calendar. However, although this is said rather simply to be happening in 'Hong Kong', but there have since ancient times in each generation been immigrants, apart from immigrants from Guangdong under the rule of Chinese dynasties and mainly its neighboring regions, along with immigrants from a wide area which have come along with the weighty upheaval since modern times, as well as others, and so in a cultural sense multilayered and complex aspects are presented. Furthermore, there now exists a complex situation whereby in the flow of today's modernization in Hong Kong the various rituals are fusing together and constantly changing. This group of authors has been surveying the situation of the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts and Shilu Zhai etc in each part of East Asia from the point of view of the historical transition of the Shi Egui ritual since the time of ancient China. Also this time, from the same angle, this survey was conducted in order to investigate the rituals of the Lantern Festival and Shi Egui. Here, the authors also seek to deepen the discussion supplemented by some documents connected to the research angle of the authors who are in the process of compiling the outcome of the surveys.

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