Departmental Bulletin Paper 小中接続を意図した確率単元・カリキュラムに関する研究 : 確率概念を想起する数学的活動を通して
The research of probability unit and curriculum with the intention to connect Elementary to Secondary School.: Through mathematical activities that recall probability concept

岩知道, 秀樹  ,  鈴木, 昌二  ,  端山, 文子  ,  上ヶ谷, 友佑  ,  植田, 敦三  ,  松浦, 武人

(45)  , pp.237 - 244 , 2017-03-31 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
In this research, it aims to construct curriculum that elementary and junior high school students can recall probability concepts with the intention to connect Elementary to Secondary School. In this paper, we set goals, planed lesson, practiced lesson for first grade, six grade, second grade of junior high school. As a result, three problems were found. The first is that class linked to probability concept are possible in first grade. The second is that it is difficult to devide contents of probability of six grade and secondary school. The third is junior high school students are less conscious of assumption setting. Based on these three points, it is the next task that organize and practice lesson, construct curriculum.

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