Departmental Bulletin Paper 「ゴール型」ゲームの「ボールを持たないときの動き(戦術的な動き)」を中心とした教材の開発 : 小学校中学年から中学校の授業における実践的検討
Development of Materials for “Goal” Games Focused on “Movement without a Ball (Tactical Movement)”: Practical Study Conducted in the Classes of Middle and High Grades of an Elementary School and a Middle School

中山, 泉  ,  湯浅, 理枝  ,  日野, 瑞保  ,  大上, 輝明  ,  木原, 成一郎  ,  大後戸, 一樹

(45)  , pp.185 - 193 , 2017-03-31 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
The purpose of this study was to develop materials focused on the learning task of “movement without a ball (tactical movement)” in “goal” games. The students practiced handball in a class with the clear purpose of acquiring the “targeted skills” appropriate to their developmental stages. We examined how to practice to achieve this goal. The students considered the “movement without a ball,” finding it difficult to run into the space facing the goal, and deliberated how to create that space. This was a common challenge across grades that facilitated their learning. This active learning was thought to be caused by the fact that there was a space in front of the goal in the handball court wherein neither the offence nor the defense could run. Therefore, we concluded that handball was effective as material that focuses on “movement without a ball.”

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