Departmental Bulletin Paper グローバル人材の育成をめざした留学生交流活動の開発(2) : 「異文化に対する理解と日本人としてのアイデンティティ」に焦点をあてて
Development of exchange activity with the student studying abroad to bring global human resources up (2): Focusing on intercultural understandings and identity as Japanese

君岡, 智央  ,  佐原, 美穂  ,  掛, 志穂  ,  金岡, 美幸  ,  米倉, 智久  ,  松宮, 奈賀子  ,  児玉, 真樹子

(45)  , pp.175 - 184 , 2017-03-31 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
This study aims to develop a kindergarten cross-cultural exchange program to raise children’s intercultural understandings and identity as Japanese. To achieve the goal, international students (IE) of Hiroshima University were invited to the kindergarten six times in total, and they shared traditional plays, ceremonies, and old tales together. The exchanges were recorded and children’s utterances were analyzed. The following five achievements were found: (1) children showed interest in food habit of IE and tried to take that into their role play menu. (2) children asked questions about the traditional plays that IE introduced. (3) children asked many questions about famous places of IE’s countries and said that they want to visit those places. (4) children tried to tell IE how to do Japanese tea ceremony by using gestures. (5) children compared different kinds of tea and found that each tea, each country, each culture has different and the same things.

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