Departmental Bulletin Paper 共生社会の実現に向けたグローバル教員授業開発研修の検討 : 特別支援学級・通常学級児童が協働できる授業開発を視野に入れて
Review of global teacher lecture development training for the realization of symbiotic society: Taking into consideration the development of lessons in special support class and normal curriculum class can collaborate

髙阪, 英徳  ,  新谷, 和幸  ,  天野, 紳一  ,  中丸, 敏至  ,  坂田, 行平  ,  谷, 栄次  ,  池田, 吏志  ,  林, 孝

(45)  , pp.157 - 167 , 2017-03-31 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
This study focused on globalization and inclusive society by focusing on training programs designed to correspond towards demands of individual tutoring needs and conducting of training programs for teachers to develop stronger teaching skills as well as socializing ability between other teachers. In the third year of the research, special support classes and regular class faculty members cooperated with the second stage, multi-class organization children, to develop lessons, practice and consultation. Discussions on learning and engagement of students in classes focused mainly on discussions at the council, and discussions on alternatives were also held. In addition, it was possible for the lesson to clarify the effectiveness of the training also from being able to notice the new task from the multifaceted viewpoint and way of thinking in consultation. In the future tasks, we need to consider class design to improve the quality of learning and engagement of children.

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