Departmental Bulletin Paper 図画工作科・美術科における教科固有の能力に関する検討 : 発想プロセスの可視化を手がかりに
A Examination about Course-specific Ability on the Subjects in the Course of Arts and Crafts and Arts.: Through the Visualization of Idea Processes.

天野, 紳一  ,  島谷, あゆみ  ,  山本, 英美  ,  松本, 裕子  ,  松崎, 伸一  ,  横田, 浩子  ,  三根, 和浪  ,  谷田, 親彦

(45)  , pp.123 - 133 , 2017-03-31 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
We practiced lessons on elementary school children and junior high school students, and tried this visualization of ideas process on painting and stereoscopic expression. We did this research so that we could explore effective lesson plans and methods to raise "ability to create ideas and concepts."We got some findings about the differences in how the ideas spread in the developmental stage and various factors that influence ideas (appreciation, materials, tools, collaborative learning etc.). This analysis based on the matrix table with the horizontal axis of the learning process and the vertical axis of the elements that inspire ideas (elements related to the characteristics of the material and skill elements), and the examination of the methods focused on encouraging the ideas, and the follow-up observation using portfolios, and the analysis of self-evaluation questionnaires conducted individually.

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