Departmental Bulletin Paper 理科におけるアクティブラーニング型授業の構造化
Active Learning Models in Science Classes

平松, 敦史  ,  佐々木, 康子  ,  志田, 正訓  ,  井上, 純一  ,  内海, 良一  ,  大方, 祐輔  ,  梶山, 耕成  ,  加藤, 祐治  ,  岸本, 享子  ,  杉田, 泰一  ,  樋口, 洋仁  ,  磯﨑, 哲夫  ,  木下, 博義  ,  古賀, 信吉  ,  竹下, 俊治  ,  蔦岡, 孝則  ,  松浦, 拓也  ,  三好, 美織  ,  山崎, 博史

(45)  , pp.77 - 87 , 2017-03-31 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
The purpose of this study is to create active learning models in science classes. As the first-year research, the authors designed the classes which would include a round trip between externalization and internalization, and put them into practice. The designed models were adopted in elementary, junior high and senior high school classes. What have become clear are as the following; 1) Students’ acquisition of the learning contents can be promoted, 2) Students can understand advanced contents proactively, 3) Students’ learning can be deepened by adding collaborative activities, 4) The success or failure to active learning may depend on the quality of the tasks which students work on, 5) It is necessary to clarify the factors to determine active learning.

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