Departmental Bulletin Paper 模型製作手法の違いによる小学生3年生の「家」の空間構成に関する授業構成
Lesson Program for Spatial Composition of “House” with Different Structural Methods by Third Graders of Primary School

沖西, 啓子  ,  横田, 浩子  ,  服部, 太  ,  千代, 章一郎  ,  匹田, 篤

(45)  , pp.43 - 51 , 2017-03-31 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
In this year, we had the workshop by third grade students and make the lesson program for the making of a model as “secure house” with structural methods of “tying” and “wooden jointing”. In the making of models, though there are some individual differences, we found the definite types to make models: the floor or the roof structure, and the making process itself. In analysis of questionnaire before and after the workshop, what children desired for living space changed, when the method was changed from “tying” to “wooden jointing”. It is the important result that children’s conscious for secure was affected by external factor; the model making method. Theme relation of children’s living environment and analysis of structure of floor require further study.

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