Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校理科における防災教育の指導内容に関する研究 : 幼・小・中職員の意識調査結果の考察をもとに

三田, 幸司

7pp.83 - 88 , 2017-03-28 , 広島大学附属三原幼稚園 , 広島大学附属三原小学校 , 広島大学附属三原中学校
本研究の目的は,我学校園の幼稚園・小学校・中学校の職員の防災教育に関わる意識を明らかにすると共に,小学校理科における防災教育の内容を検討する示唆を得ることである。質問紙調査によって得られた職員の回答を分類し, 3校園の職員の意識について各々の特徴や系統性を考察した結果,職員が子どもに伝えたい・教えたいと思っている事柄には,幼小中共に意識が高い内容や発達段階に応じた内容があることが明らかになった。また,小学校理科における防災教育の内容としては,ハザードマップを紹介して家の周囲の状況を確認させることや,避難に関する思考・判断力を養うこと,望ましい避難方法・場所を考えさせることなどが考えられる。
The purpose of this research was to clarify attitude of teachers towards disaster prevention education in Mihara nursery, elementary and junior high school and to get clues to consider contents of disaster prevention education in elementary science education. The research method was that answers of the teachers of a questionnaire were classified and some features were considered based on the classified answers. As a result, it became clear that some contents were commonly high in three schools, but others were different depending on developmental stage, in terms of the rate of contents which teachers wanted to teach to their students. Moreover, in terms of the contents of disaster prevention education in elementary science education, it was considered effective contents to have students check if their own house was safe or not by introducing "hazard map", to foster the ability to think and make decisions about evacuation, and to have students think how to evacuate and where to evacuate.

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