Departmental Bulletin Paper 道徳性の芽生えを育むための環境・援助のあり方を探る : 同年齢・異年齢とかかわる4歳児の姿を通して

中山, 芙充子

7pp.19 - 26 , 2017-03-28 , 広島大学附属三原幼稚園 , 広島大学附属三原小学校 , 広島大学附属三原中学校
本研究の目的は,同年齢・異年齢とのかかわりを通して, 4歳児の「道徳性の芽生え」を育むための環境構成や援助を明らかにすることである。研究方法として,①「善悪を判断する」と②「思いやりの気もちをもつ」という2つの視点で、4歳児が同年齢や異年齢とかかわる場面のエピソードを記録し,保育カンファレンスを行うことで, 4歳児の道徳性の芽生えを育むためのよりよい環境や援助を検証した。その結果,4歳児の道徳性の芽生えを育むための環境・援助として,(1)幼児の行動の背景にある思いを受け止める援助,(2)互いの気もちを十分に話せる状況づくりや相手の気もちに気づけるような援助,(3)友だちのよさを認め合えるような場の設定,(4)異年齢との自然な交流が生まれる環境構成やかかわりをつなげる援助という4点が明らかになった。今後は,系統的な「道徳性の芽生え」の育ちの道すじを明らかにし,それらを育むための環境・援助のあり方を追究する。
The purpose of this study is to clarify environmental components and assistance in order to develop four-year-old children's "germs of morality" through their interaction with others in the same or different ages. As research methods, the researcher recorded episodes of situations where four-year-old children interact with children in the same or different ages from two aspects: 1. "to see differences between right and wrong", 2. "to have feelings to consider others". In addition, the researcher examined better environment and assistance by doing childcare conferences. The result revealed, as environment and assistance for developing four-year-old children's "germs of morality", these four assistance: 1. to accept children's feelings behind their movements, 2. to help children build circumstances where they can fully tell their feelings each other and notice how others feel, 3. to recognize values each other, 4. to relate interaction with environmental components where interactions with others in different ages naturally occur. The further research clarifies how systematic "germs of morality" is developed and investigates how environment and assistance should be in order to develop them.

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