Departmental Bulletin Paper 肢体不自由を有する児童生徒を担任する教師の自立活動の指導における実態調査 : 健康の保持における指導について
Actual Conditions Survey of Instruction in JIRITSUKATSUDOU that Class Teachers who Take Charge Students with Physically Handicapped: Focusing on Instruction in Staying Healthy

山田, 裕一  ,  船橋, 篤彦

(15)  , pp.79 - 87 , 2017-03-14 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科附属特別支援教育実践センター
The current study surveyed 106 teachers at special needs schools regarding topics such as the status of instruction in JIRITSUKATSUDOU, their attitudes towards ascertaining student health, and strategies to encourage independent efforts by students in class. In addition to the survey teachers, this study classified teachers into two groups,“ teachers in charge of students in varying states of physical health” and“ teachers in charge of students in relative physical health.” The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology classifies independence into six areas: Staying healthy, Psychological stability, Forming personal relationships, Understanding the outside world, Physical activity, and Effective communication. The current results revealed that teachers in charge of students with multiple disabilities were readily able to ascertain whether students were“ staying healthy” but they have difficulty instructing students in how to stay healthy. Results also revealed how teachers felt about ascertaining student health and strategies they used to encourage independent efforts by students in class. In light of these findings, this study discusses the significance of examining ways to teach students in varying states of physical health to stay healthy.

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