Departmental Bulletin Paper 特別支援学校高等部進路指導担当教員の知識・スキルの活用度及び満足度の関連に関する研究
The Relevance between Satisfaction and Frequency with Transition Teachers’ Competencies in Special Needs Schools’ School-to-Work Transitions

藤井, 明日香  ,  川合, 紀宗  ,  落合, 俊郎

(15)  , pp.23 - 31 , 2017-03-14 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科附属特別支援教育実践センター
The aim of this paper was to verify the relevance between satisfaction and frequency with transition teachers’ knowledge and skills in special needs schools’ school-to-work transition. A questionnaire was sent to a total of 492 transition teachers belong to 492 special needs school for intellectual disabilities, for collecting data of transition teachers’ level of their knowledge and skills, satisfaction of their knowledge and skills, Frequency of their knowledge and skills on serving school-to-work transition.These data were using Pearson’s correlation coefficient and analysis of variance. As the result, transition teachers with high expertise indicated higher satisfaction and frequency of using their knowledge and skills comparison with the other teachers. In spite of the level of transition teachers’ expertise, frequency of using their knowledge and skills have a significant correlation with their satisfaction levels.

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