Departmental Bulletin Paper VPDCA サイクルを活用し,積極的生徒指導の視点に立った生徒会活動の支援のあり方
Utilizing the VPDCA Cycle: A Way to Support Student Council Activities Based on Active Student Guidance

吉田, 将康

(63)  , pp.99 - 111 , 2017-03-31 , 広島大学附属中・高等学校
The purpose of this research is to consider effective teacher support for student council activities and to implement concrete measures to improve students’ ability self - instruction while nurturing normative consciousness. To achieve this goal, I worked on a concrete practice for middle school student council activities in 2016. Based on this practice, two effective methods were identified. One requires teachers to outline intentionally targeted goals and objectives and for students to summarize student council activities and consider improvement measures. The other is that teachers strongly associate with students from the viewpoint of active student guidance. However, two problems have been identified. One is the need to improve student involvement in a group setting where they discuss the use of summary material on which evidence is presented. The other is to clarify methods and procedures where all faculty members can engage in active learning type student guidance together.

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