Departmental Bulletin Paper 地学基礎「地球の形と大きさ」における学びを深める単元構成
Development of a Science Curriculum on the “Configuration and Size of the Earth” for Learners to Deepen Their Learning in Senior High Schools

杉田, 泰一

(63)  , pp.53 - 60 , 2017-03-31 , 広島大学附属中・高等学校
One problem with lessons on the configuration and size of the earth is that learners simply listen to their teacher’s explanation to gain knowledge on the subject. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to develop a curriculum where leaners could acquire the following two things. The first was to help learners understand the configuration and size of the earth. The second was to help learners to deepen their scientific perspectives and ideas. Thus, learners were given a performance task where they had to calculate the earth size from a map, and then consider the configuration of the earth. In addition, at the final stage of the units, learners performed a self-evaluation of how they conducted their performance task. As a result of the lessons based on this curriculum, the learners were able to autonomously understand their learning content, identify problems in their learning, and develop their own ideas towards science. However, some learners failed to understand the content and structure shown in the rubric, and were unable to properly evaluate themselves.

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