Departmental Bulletin Paper 世界史におけるアクティヴ・ラーニングの開発研究 : 学びの段階性と向上性の保障
World History Unit for Active Learning Development Studies: Security for a Gradability and Improvement of the Learning

宮本, 英征

(63)  , pp.21 - 28 , 2017-03-31 , 広島大学附属中・高等学校
The purpose of this study is to obtain a “deeper understanding in world history education”. Cooperation between students and between students and teachers can be achieved via the exchange of experiences and the jigsaw method of role playing, evaluated as active learning. Accordingly, I clarify that the methods used must be improved before progressive discussions about history can occur. Thus, a unit based on exchanges with others using the jigsaw method was developed, looking at the 1791 French constitution. In this study, a student’s presentation was evaluated by the class and the other students suggested improvements. The results showed that “deeper learning” was achieved by organizing the evaluation activity based on the performance evaluation. Because this class is a proposed model unit, further steps are required, including a written outline of the unit’s constitution and a concrete group activity, which can be achieved by repeating the practice.

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