Departmental Bulletin Paper 中学生の援助要請行動と相談抑制に関する研究 : 文献レヴューを通して <研究論文>
Research on help-seeking behavior and inhibiting to consult with others of the junior high school students: A literature review

増田, 成美  ,  吉岡, 久美子  ,  石田, 弓

15pp.87 - 102 , 2017-03-21 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科附属心理臨床教育研究センター
In this study, a literature research related to junior high school students’ help-seekingbehavior and consulting behavior was conducted to clarify the factors inhibiting their consultingbehaviors. The junior high school student’s troubles or consultations and the factors ofinhibiting consulting behavior indicated in past research were classified into three categories:1) junior high school student’s troubles; 2) junior high school students’ consultations; and 3)something to inhibit consulting behavior. After examining something to inhibit consultingbehavior, the troubles or consultations that inhibit consulting behavior and the factors andreasons that influence it were compiled. Results revealed that junior high school students inhibitconsulting behavior depending on the level of their troubles or consultations and that consultingbehavior can differ according to gender. In addition, the findings indicated that for somethingto inhibit consulting behavior, multiple factors of inhibiting consulting behavior exist, includingthe formation of friendly relationships and parent–child relationships, both of which areinfluenced by other inhibitory factors such as the sense of self-affirmation and self-esteem.

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