Departmental Bulletin Paper 習熟度別英語リーディングストラテジー指導の効果
The effects of reading strategy training based on reading proficiency

足立, 望  ,  大石, 晴美

(10)  , pp.57 - 63 , 2017-03-16 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科学習開発学講座
This study investigates the effects of reading strategy training based on the learner’s reading proficiency. The participants were 42 students at Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University. First, subjects took a language proficiency test and were then divided into three groups based on their proficiencies. Next, they received strategy training for three months in a language class. Finally, they took the English proficiency test again. The study found that strategy training improved the participants’ reading scores. It was also found that students with lower and middle level proficiency could grasp the text better as a whole as a result of strategy training. This implies that acquiring reading strategies is a complicated process and more detailed investigation into this process is required.

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