Departmental Bulletin Paper 正史乐志书写方式对《礼记・乐记》的继承与发展

史, 文

(13)  , pp.89 - 95 , 2016-03-30 , 広島大学中国古典文学プロジェクト研究センター, 首都師範大学中国詩歌研究中心
Yueji is the most important document for systematically recording the music of the pre-Qin period. The Annals of Music in the official Chinese history books has become the main text carrier after the book of Yueji. Yueji had a profound influence on later music literature, either on the concept of music or on the description of music, though it does not especially record the music’s history. Based on the analysis of Yueji, this thesis will take the Annals of Music in Shih Chi, Hanshu and Songshu as a focus for research into the profound inheritance and development between them. As for Yueji, the value of the political function of music has been recognized, and the method of music writing has been changed. The evolution of music literature records and reflects changes in the concept of ritual music.

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