Departmental Bulletin Paper 2006年居住法以降のハノイ市における学校改善政策―実践の研究 : 都市・農村間の跛行比較分析の試み
School Improvement Policy and Practices after the Law on Residence in 2006 in Hanoi, Vietnam : A claudicatory comparison between urban-rural settings

日下部, 達哉  ,  チー・タン, グエン

18 ( 1 )  , pp.53 - 62 , 2015-10-31 , 広島大学教育開発国際協力研究センター
This study tries to investigate how the Vietnam government and Hanoi local governing body try to improve lower secondary education after the law on Residence in 2006.Doi Moi policy included the change of household registration regime. The National Assembly of Vietnam adopted the law on Residence in 2006 which ensured the freedom of temporary residence and the relaxation of the rule of shifting permanent registration. Hanoi citizen increased from 3,751,000 (2000) to 5,276,000 (2015) due to the enforcement of the law in 2007. The enforcement of the law resulted the emergence of the bloated lower secondary education.The authors conducted the field research twice in central Hanoi and one of the rural area of Hun Yen district on 13th Dec 2013- 25th Dec 2013, and 27th Dec 2014-2nd Jan 2015. The research contents are interview research and documents collection from teachers, city education officers and researchers.The research outcome shows us that three points. First, improvement policies rely on teacher competition and community donation due to lack of the budget in public sector. The policies are enforced both central and rural areas. From comparative study between urban setting and rural setting, the enforced school improvement activities such as the competition of teachers and students and the socialization as donation through school management committee functioned in mainly Hanoi city area. In Hun Yen, the school improvement activities are conducted too. However, the activities didn’t well functioned in classroom level compared with Hanoi. Second, the children of migrants from outside of Hanoi were refused from top level public schools in central Hanoi in behind of the improvement policies. Moreover, rich households were sending their children to expensive private English medium schools which were established recently. Third, the improvement policies gave better impact to the quality of education in top level school in central Hanoi. On the other, the policy lost its substance in the Hun Yen district.
本研究は、科学研究費補助金(平成25-28年度 基盤研究(B)(一般))「途上国の前期中等教育における学校改善実践に関する国際比較研究」(研究代表者:吉田和浩)の成果の一部である。

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