Departmental Bulletin Paper 中学校特別支援学級における社会的・職業的自立を目指した生活力を育成するためのカリキュラムの研究開発
Curriculum Development to Promote the Ability to Live in Society-Social and Vocational Independence through a Special Support Class at Junior High School

藤井, 朋子  ,  小田原, 舞  ,  西, 勉  ,  向井, 紋子  ,  林, 孝  ,  若松, 昭彦

47pp.83 - 106 , 2016-03-18 , 広島大学附属東雲中学校
With the ongoing globalization in society, it is necessary to develop a new type of curriculum to prepare today's students for their future lives, especially their careers. TI1e curriculum developed in this study places an emphasis on vocation and home life, and it includes a new subject-Career Management-which deals with social life. The lessons in each unit for this subject were evaluated using reference criteria and in terms of four career abilities. From these results, adjustments were made to the lesson content, and the effect of the new curriculum was measured. The curriculum was found to be effective for students, their parents, and teachers. It will be necessary in a future study to examine ways of developing the associated learning process and assess its effects with regard to promoting competencies.

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