Departmental Bulletin Paper 布を用いた製作活動を通してグローバルな資質の育成をめざす「技術・家庭」の学習開発 : モンの保育園に贈る「くるみボタンのおもちゃ」の製作から
Developing lessons in industrial art and home economics to foster global awareness by making toys using buttons and cloths for Hmong’s Children

浦上, 千歳  ,  柴, 静子

47pp.61 - 67 , 2016-03-18 , 広島大学附属東雲中学校
This study aimed to develop effective lessons to raise cultural awareness as well as a spirit of both cooperation and independence in junior high school students in home economics classes through learning to make toys for other children In this course, it was expected that the students world learn to express their thoughts to the next generation as well as understanding and taking pride in Japanese tradition and culture. The goal of the lessons was to make toys using buttons and cloth to send to Hmong children, who live in culturally underprivileged areas. Toward this goal, eight hourly lessons were undertaken by eighth graders in Thailand. At the end of the course, the students completed questionnaires and provided written descriptions of their experience. From this, it was evident that the course helped stimulate the students’ thinking and contributed to a spirit of both cooperation and independence.

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