Departmental Bulletin Paper グローバルシティズンシップを育む社会科授業の開発 : ロールプレイの活用によって価値判断する地方自治の学習を通じて
The development of lessons for socialstudies to foster global citizenship : Through learning of local autonomy to value judgments by the use of role-play

迫, 眞也  ,  小原, 友行  ,  草原, 和博

47pp.15 - 21 , 2016-03-18 , 広島大学附属東雲中学校
In order to develop global citizenship, both the citizenship which is faced with global issues and the one which tackles our local issues is required. However, the problem is that both of them are very much separated from each other. In order to solve this problem, the authors suppose that learning conceptual-research as a communication tool will contribute to linking those two citizenship. For this reason, we develop lessons for reconstructing values by making value judgments about the concept. In the unit of local authority, we gave lessons about regional revitalization with the use of a virtual village. The students were asked to do a role-playing activity in which they had to discuss and reconcile different values. Judging from their worksheets, we found out that many of the students were able to realize concepts which constitute the local authority.

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