Departmental Bulletin Paper 函数観念を育成することを目的とした授業づくり : 函数観念の育成につながる4つの姿を引き出す学習活動を仕組むことを通して
Creating Classes for Developing the Concept of Functions : A System of Learning Activities for Drawing out Four Qualities Tied to Nurturing the Concept of Functions

藤原, 功達  ,  鈴木, 昌二  ,  端山, 文子  ,  有田, 博美  ,  植田, 敦三  ,  松浦, 武人

(44)  , pp.239 - 247 , 2016-03-24 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
This study was conducted, as a means of nurturing the ability to discover set facts when seeking out numerical, volumetric, and graphical elements in pondering relationships. Last year, four of figure you want a drawer in the class, which leads to the development of the function concept has been pulled out. This year, the focus was placed on “attitudes for seeing things dynamically”, as a precursor to thinking about functions, and the instruction thereof. It was felt that unifying these efforts in elementary and junior high schools would relieve the “first-year gap”. The result of these efforts was a positive response to all four qualities in both years, before and after the teaching units. In addition, teachers’ deliberate treatment of the idea of functions in classrooms was effective in engendering the “concept of functions” in children, showing that it is possible to have a unified way of teaching in elementary and junior high schools.

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