Departmental Bulletin Paper 音楽科の特性に応じた思考を育むカリキュラムの開発(Ⅳ) : 音楽表現を素材として扱う協働的創作活動
Curriculum development for fostering children’s thinking skills regarding music (IV) : Collaborative Music Making with Music Expressions as Materials

圓城寺, 佐知子  ,  天野, 紳一  ,  寺内, 大輔  ,  権藤, 敦子

(44)  , pp.123 - 132 , 2016-03-24 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
This study develops a new music curriculum for elementary schools to foster students’ thinking skills regarding music and to broaden the range of their experiences of musical culture. We performed three research practices in the upper grades to consider the sequence of curriculum from the lower grades. In these practices, we encouraged children to appreciate the collaboration between music and extra-musical elements: general concepts, and pictures and forms as the visual information. These activities aroused their interest in the means of expression and led them to acquire the relative frame of reference for various means of expression. We also introduced a collage of different kinds of expressions including children’s performance as its material in a game piece. This helped them to approach unfamiliar artistic practices. In conclusion, we realized that meta-creativity played an important role in the collaborative learning process of music-making, in which children devise the means of creation by themselves.

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