Departmental Bulletin Paper 音楽科における指導力の向上をめざした効果的な教育実習のあり方に関する研究 : 生徒指導と教科専門の観点から(2)
Pre-Service Teachers’ Teaching Skills in Student Guidance and Musical Instruction in Teaching Practice (2)

増井, 知世子  ,  原, 寛曉  ,  松前, 良昌  ,  光田, 龍太郎  ,  泉谷, 正則  ,  長澤, 希  ,  三村, 真弓  ,  伊藤, 真  ,  枝川, 一也

(44)  , pp.95 - 102 , 2016-03-24 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
The purpose of this study was to clarify the results of teaching practice to improve pre-service music teachers’ teaching skills in terms of student guidance and musical instruction. The teaching practice was conducted with four schools affiliated with Hiroshima University in Japan. Pre-service teachers received comments on their teaching from students in each class. They also assessed their own teaching behavior and musical teaching skills after a period of teaching practice. In addition, they received evaluations from mentors on these teaching skills and reflected on what was pointed out at the evaluation meeting. Through the analysis of self-assessment scores and description of pre-service teachers’ reflection, the authors found that level of the teaching skills acquired by pre-service teachers depended on school characteristics or the lesson topics that they dealt with. To enhance the effectiveness of teaching practice, it is important to share goals between mentors and pre-service teachers.

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