Departmental Bulletin Paper 知識基盤社会における理科の役割(3)
The Role of Science Education in the Construction of a Knowledge-Based Society

内海, 良一  ,  井上, 純一  ,  志田, 正訓  ,  大方, 祐輔  ,  梶山, 耕成  ,  加藤, 祐治  ,  岸本, 享子  ,  佐々木, 康子  ,  杉田, 泰一  ,  樋口, 洋仁  ,  平松, 敦史  ,  磯﨑, 哲夫  ,  木下, 博義  ,  古賀, 信吉  ,  竹下, 俊治  ,  蔦岡, 孝則  ,  前原, 俊信  ,  松浦, 拓也  ,  三好, 美織  ,  山崎, 博史

(44)  , pp.65 - 74 , 2016-03-24 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
Science education should help students to utilize results and information through activities, to investigate scientifically, and to develop their abilities to express ideas they have derived from those results. We have learned that it is important for instructors to clarify which results from experiments relate to each other and to give students some clear perspectives for analyzing and interpreting them. This academic year, we investigated performance tasks at elementary, junior high, and senior high school levels. Through our research we have learned that to improve the quality of discussion in small groups, it is important to make the purpose and method clear. We also showed that instructors should monitor how they engage with students in the course of discussion and that they need to function meta-cognitive abilities more to design performance tasks.

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