Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校高学年の跳び箱運動「首はね跳び」につながる,学習モデルの開発
Development of a Learning Model Effective for the Neck Spring Vault Exercise for Elementary School Children

中西, 紘士  ,  坂田, 行平  ,  湯浅, 理枝  ,  梅野, 栄治  ,  木原, 成一郎  ,  大後戸, 一樹

(44)  , pp.35 - 43 , 2016-03-24 , 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
This research aimed to develop a learning model effective for the neck spring. In the current academic year, we researched the preliminary step in the neck spring on the vault and focused on the forward roll bridge as the lower-level teaching material to allow children to acquire the ability to perform a spring motion with hip subduction, including a forward roll.In this research, we found a learning model that is effective for children to acquire the spring motion with hip subduction. This spring motion is necessary for neck spring vault exercise. Our model allows children to acquire this spring motion, which includes a forward roll bridge, after acquiring a similar spring motion with hip subduction and an antenna bridge. We also clarified that this learning model allows children to be conscious of controlling the speed of their forward roll. This is necessary for performing the spring motion with hip subduction in the forward roll bridge.

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