Departmental Bulletin Paper にこにこルームの学習支援による効果に関する学生・小学生・保護者の比較(8) : 平成26年度の質問紙調査
Comparing Niko Niko Room’s educational support effects of university students, elementary students, and guardians (8) : Questionnaires from 2014

小島, 奈々恵  ,  岡, 直樹  ,  児玉, 真樹子

22pp.17 - 23 , 2016-03-22 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科附属教育実践総合センター
The effects of educational support programs offered at the Niko Niko Room in 2014 are discussed in this study. Twenty-three university students, twenty-three elementary students, and twenty-three guardians participated in the programs and were asked to answer questionnaires. Questionnaires measured the abilities of university students, degrees of satisfaction, and degrees of interest. Effects of the programs perceived by the three groups were compared between university students and elementary students, between university students and guardians, between elementary students and guardians, and among university students, elementary students, and guardians. Elementary students and guardians highly evaluated the educational abilities of the university students compared to the university students themselves. Overall, university students, elementary students, and guardians positively evaluated the effects of the educational support programs, and were satisfied with the educational support programs.

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