Departmental Bulletin Paper カナダ・バンクーバーの「多様性と包摂」に関する人類学的研究
Anthropological Study of Diversity and Inclusiveness in Vancouver, Canada

諏訪, 春菜

(8)  , pp.1 - 119 , 2016-02-01 , 広島大学『民族社会研究』編集部
It is not uncommon to see the terms 'diversity' and 'inclusiveness' used together as a slogan in the context of multiculturalism, inclusive education, diversity management in business, and so on. However, diversity and inclusiveness have opposing vectors: one demands differentiation, while the other demands unification. The aim of this study is to clarify, from an anthropological perspective, the ways in which diversity and inclusiveness are balanced in a multicultural society.In this study, I focus on ethnic diversity, cultural diversity, and physical diversity in Vancouver, Canada. On the basis of the ethnographic data collected during my field research in 2012-2013, I analyze how diversity is represented in various places and how people recognize these places by interpreting symbols such as languages, signs and pictograms. Through this analysis, I clarify the range of ways in which diversity and inclusiveness are balanced in different situation. In addition, I describe how people live alongside and with others who have different backgrounds, focusing on their everyday activities.

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