Departmental Bulletin Paper A Case of Cutaneous Meningioma in the Rudimentary Meningocele

Ochiai, Junichiro  ,  Yamaguchi, Satoshi  ,  Takeda, Masaaki  ,  Adhikari, Rupendra Bahadur  ,  Kolakshyapati, Manish  ,  Karlowee, Vega  ,  Sugiyama, Kazuhiko  ,  Kurisu, Kaoru

65 ( 1 )  , pp.9 - 12 , 2016-03 , Hiroshima University Medical Press
We report a rare case of neonatal cutaneous meningioma derived from a rudimentary meningocele. This neonate had a congenital skin-covered hump in the thoracolumbar region. Computed tomography showed bifid laminae of T12 and L1 underneath the mass lesion. Magnetic resonance images showed the mass to have no cerebrospinal fluid space and that it had a stalk connecting to the spinal canal. Split cord malformation was also observed under the bifid laminae. Because of the increasing size of the lump and cosmetic reasons, the parents opted for surgical treatment. We operated on the patient 9 months after birth. Operative findings showed that the cutaneous mass was connected to intraspinal contents by a vascular stalk and it was totally removed. The split spinal cord was untouched. The histopathological findings of the mass showed components of meningioma with a collagenous matrix. We concluded that this patient had a meningioma derived from rudimentary meningocele.

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