Departmental Bulletin Paper DLA〈話す〉における接続助詞の使用実態 : 学年間の比較
Analysis of Japanese Conjunctive Particles in Tasks Related to Dialogic Language Assessment with Emphasis on Student Developmental Stage

永田, 良太  ,  朱, 桂栄

(26)  , pp.23 - 27 , 2016-03-25 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科日本語教育学講座
This paper aims to clarify the use of Japanese conjunctive particles in tasks related to Dialogic Language Assessment (DLA). With a focus on the students’ developmental stage and the kind of tasks, this study made the following two findings. (1) Speaking in DLA involves two kinds of tasks: one relates to frequently used conjunctive particles (i.e., daily routine, fire truck, and story-telling tasks); the other relates to rarely used conjunctive particles (i.e., vocabulary check, classroom, sports, and new teacher tasks). (2) In tasks that involve frequent use of conjunctive particles, the particle te is most commonly selected. In addition, with increasing student developmental stage, various conjunctive particles, such as tara, kedo, kara, and node, are employed.

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