Departmental Bulletin Paper 通常の学級において特別な支援を必要とする子どもへの支援 : 「お掃除名人」として認められる過程を通して
An Intervention for a Child with Special Needs at a Regular Classroom : A Process of being Recognized as “a Specialist of Cleaning”

河口, 麻希  ,  七木田, 敦

(14)  , pp.97 - 104 , 2016-03 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科附属特別支援教育実践センター
In this study, we clarified process of getting confidence and be recognized in the class. At that time, we examined how to cooperate with elementary school and children’s family and how to concrete support him. We analyzed children’s behavior basing point of becoming “Specialist of cleaning”, before “Specialist of cleaning” and after “Specialist of cleaning”. In the result, he had talked negative words before “Specialist of cleaning”, but decreased negative words after “Specialist of cleaning”, and continued role of his given cleaning. Therefore, he was recognized about his cleaning work. Behind this background, first is thickly cooperation with elementary school and his family. Second is support him to exploit actually learning.

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