Departmental Bulletin Paper 特別支援学校用教科書『くらしに役立つ 社会』の分析(Ⅳ) : 研究総括 : 学習困難の研究(5)
An Analysis of the Textbook for Special Needs Schools “Useful for Everyday living” (IV) : Research Summary and Discussion : A Study of Learning Difficulties Part 5

池野, 範男  ,  岡田, 了祐  ,  宛, 彪  ,  渡邉, 巧  ,  若原, 崇史  ,  横山, 千夏  ,  能見, 一修

(14)  , pp.69 - 76 , 2016-03 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科附属特別支援教育実践センター
This research is the preliminary study to aim at educational new creation especially which are the mission of the special support education, “everyone can know and everyone can learn.” to restore an idea of the original education. In this research failure is in the educational state everyone has, not only the child who needs support especially. Our research team is thinking a possibility that all children fail and learning difficulty to have, supposes that it will be necessary to create the states that all children can learn without a trouble in a class and the activity of the school and push forward a study.We in the first paper submitted some factors to produce learning difficulty as a hypothesis and examined the validity of their factors by comparing social studies textbooks for “special needs school” and the “usually” schools. In the previous three papers we compared course of study and social studies textbooks in two type schools and considered in the second, content of geography, in the third, content of history and in the fourth paper content of civics. In this fifth paper, we summarized our researches, generalized the purpose, the hypotheses, and the result of our research and considered the conclusion for the hypotheses.In conclusion, we pointed out:1: based on basic thought of education and social studies, the social studies textbook for special needs school is to choose and arrange contents and adopt the following as an important point; (1) connection with the life rather than connection with the discipline, (2) serving for students to survive by himself/herself, (3) connection with the life in the society.2: it regards learning difficulties as the difficulty of the student for the learning of the society (geography, history and civics).3: in particular, it makes much of the connection with the social life and does consideration not to produce learning difficulty of students as much as possible.We examined these consideration in connection with four hypotheses so that:(1) The social studies textbook for special needs school is to tide over the difficulty by easiness of the information processing, determinism called the limitation to specific view of the information, and perceptual action coupling;(2) The textbook designs social learning as a thing bringing about result as the connection with the social life of the student.We concluded that by the relation with the social life(3) The textbook avoids learning difficulty that social studies textbooks for usual schools include in teaching and learning society and(4) The textbook secures the results which each student learns.

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