Departmental Bulletin Paper 保存期慢性腎不全患者の家族における食事療法の協力体制形成過程 <原著>
The process of forming a cooperative structure for dietary therapy by families of predialysis patients with chronic kidney disease

小川, 華歩  ,  加澤, 佳奈  ,  森山, 美知子

13 ( 1・2 )  , pp.13 - 21 , 2016-03-31 , 広島大学保健学出版会
To understand the process of forming a collaborative union among family members regarding dietary therapy for patients with predialysis chronic kidney disease, we conducted a focus group interview and abstracted 4 Categories 【】 and 15 Subcategories 《 》 from the results. The collaborative situations were formed through the following process: 1st stage 【Facing the fact that the family (patient) must live with kidney disease】, 2nd stage 【Being motivated to become collaborators in dietary therapy】 , 3rd stage 【Starting to perform a role as collaborators in dietary therapy】, and 4th stage 【Maintaining a role as collaborators in dietary therapy】.First, subjects were shocked by diagnosis of kidney disease and description of the prognosis, and stepped on the process of crisis. Then, they were motivated by a belief in their role and a sense of mission and sought how they could collaborate. Finally, they maintained their collaboration by gaining motivation from the patient's gratitude and positive changes in his/her condition. Consequently, it was shown that psychological support, education, encouragement, and peer support are very important for the family members of patients with predialysis chronic kidney disease.

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