Departmental Bulletin Paper 資質・能力を育成する算数学習の開発に関する研究 : 指導方法及び評価方法の開発をめざして

鈴木, 昌二

6pp.89 - 96 , 2016-03-28 , 広島大学附属三原幼稚園 , 広島大学附属三原小学校 , 広島大学附属三原中学校
The aim of this study is to develop methods for instruction and evaluation to make pupils foster qualities and abilities in arithmetic learning. To achieve this goal, three items concerning qualities and abilities were clearly defined in this study. Then, the yearly rubric was established and presented to pupils as "ideal images" to make them conscious of it. Following these steps, portfolio evaluation on pupils' notebook and reporting assignments was conducted using the rubric as criteria of evaluation. In addition, an instructional method to meet the conditions for three qualities and abilities was developed and put in practice. As a result, pupils' awareness of those qualities and abilities were enhanced It can be inferred that this consequence came from the regular implementation of portfolio evaluation and feedback to pupils based on analysis of evaluation to them in teaching. More extensive study to raise awareness of qualities and abilities and to develop effective self-evaluation seems needed Implications of this study suggest to raise pupils' awareness of qualities and abilities and to develop effective self-evaluation in future studies.

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