Departmental Bulletin Paper 箱庭の砂の色が箱庭制作に与える影響について <研究論文>
The effect of sand color in Sandplay Therapy

山崎, 恵莉菜  ,  岡本, 祐子

14pp.48 - 57 , 2016-03-20 , 広島大学大学院教育学研究科附属心理臨床教育研究センター
Using sand is one of the therapeutic actions in Sandplay Therapy. This study investigated how sand colors influence the following two factors: subjective experience of producers using white or black sand for their productions and the impression ratings of the raters. First, the producers felt that black sand was stable; therefore, works could be produced freely. However, with white sand, the producers felt that the Sandplay spread endlessly; therefore, they felt limited while working with it. Second, each sand color gave the raters the same impression as that to the producers, and the raters estimated that the use of black sand felt more energetic than that of white sand. This study showed that sand colors influenced both the productions and impression ratings, and black sand played action like “frame” in Sandplay Therapy.

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